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Tree Maintenance in Charlottesville

We all know that trees are an essential part of the environment, providing us with oxygen to breathe, but they also have a more practical use for home and business owners in Charlottesville. Healthy, well-maintained trees can add value to a property. Curb appeal is a crucial part of appraising a property’s value and being able to boast healthy, beautiful trees only enhances its overall value. When a tree hasn’t been properly maintained, not only can its dead branches detract from the property’s overall esthetics, it can also pose a hazard to anyone on the property.

The trick to proper tree maintenance is to leave it to the professionals. Virginia Lawn & Landscape Services LLC has been providing tree maintenance to home and business owners all over Charlottesville, improving landscape health and property curb appeal for many satisfied customers. To find out how Virginia Lawn & Landscape Services LLC can help the trees in your Charlottesville property, call (434) 987-1915 to speak to one of our tree care experts today.

Benefits of Pruning

When most people think of tree pruning, they make the assumption that it’s only being done to add esthetic value to a tree. While there is no question that a professional pruning job can make your tree look great, there are multiple other benefits that come with pruning a tree.

Depending on where the tree is located on your property and how its branches have grown, pruning a tree can decrease any safety risks that might be put forth by damaged, diseased or broken limbs. Weak limbs pose hazards to anyone passing by and this could be a potential financial risk to freak accidents where a branch breaks off and falls on someone below.

Aside from the peace of mind a professional pruning can bring, clipping down the branches of an unmaintained tree can decrease the excess amount of shade that is impeding the growth of grass or shrubs around the tree. Whenever you have plants around a tree that aren’t growing properly, cutting down the branches will make sure what’s below gets the rain and light they need to be just as healthy as the tree. Don’t let your landscape design lose its value and get your trees maintained with the expert care of Virginia Lawn & Landscape Services LLC.

Professional Tree Care

No matter how handy you are around the house or how green your thumb is, tree care is not something you should take into your own hands. You need to be familiar with all types of trees to give them the proper care they need. On top of the professional expertise required to administer the proper care, it can be a hazard task to climb up high and cut away branches. Without the proper training, experience and equipment, this already hazardous task is only made more difficult. Rather than risk serious injury, let our professionals provide the tree maintenance your property needs.

To get a free quote on Virginia Lawn & Landscape Services LLC’s tree maintenance services, call (434) 987-1915 today.